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automatic chicken layer cage/chicken egg poultry farm equipment/small chicken

automatic chicken layer cage/chicken egg poultry farm equipment/small chicken

automatic chicken layer cage/chicken egg poultry farm equipment/small chicken

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: poultry cages
Model Number: Poultry cages equipment

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 60cbm
Price: 150USD
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: Within 20 days after receiving the payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500CBM/DAY
Detailed Product Description

automatic chicken layer cage/chicken egg poultry farm equipment/small chicken

Dubai poultry Livestock Show-S3F10 (2016 AGRE Me)


Our automatic poultry raising equipment mainly including 8 systems: 

1.Automatic main feed line system:

(1).Working principle:

By using this system, the feed can be conveyed from the silo or manpower hopper into each feeding line in

your chicken houses. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line, which controls the on/off of the motor automatically to achieve the aim of automatic feeding. The system can reduce labor intensity effectively,

one chicken house just need one breeder/worker.

(2).Two choice-silo or manpower hopper:


The feed is stored in the silo, so as to save large amount of package, also to ensure the health of feed.

Different specifications of silos are alternative to choose according to the daily consumpltion.Material of silo

consist of galvanized sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic.

b.Manpower hopper:

If you just build one or two chicken house and your house size is not too large, we suggest you to use hopper

instead of silo to save cost. 


2.Automatic pan feeding system: 

(1).Working principle:

There is a feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motor on/off to achieve the aim of 

automatically feed delivery. The motor will start working and deliver feed when the feed pan(with sensor)

lacks feed and will stop working when the feed pan(with sensor) is full of feed.

(2).Main component-feed pans:

Our conventional feed pan is with two ears to adjust the gears of feed amount, each one has 14 grilles, 

diameter of pan bottom-330mm, made of high quality pure engineering plastic. 


3.Automatic nipple drinking system:

(1).Working principle:

The water will be out when the chickens touch the nipples.


The system provides fresh and clean water for birds, which is very vital to let the birds have a good growing performance, which also makes your chicken house environment better, it has become necessary equipment

for standard poultry raising. 


4.Ventilation system: 


The system controls climate condition, which provides fresh air, proper humidity and temperature for birds,

ensuring your chickens provide maximum production.

(2).Main parts-ventilation fans and air inlets

a.Ventilation fans:

We have box fan and butterfly cone for your option, besides centrifugal exhaust fans, we also provide heavy

hammer ventilation fans.

b.Air inlets:

If your chicken house is open, there is no need to use 36'' fans and air inlets, however, you might need curtain.

5.Environment control system:

The environment controller is imported from Israel, which is designed to control chicken raising equipment

automatically according to the local climate and equipment requirements, our control boxes(electric cabinets)

have national standard box body and Chinese famous brand-CHNT electronical components, such as relays,

we also provide SCHNEIDER or SIEMENS as customer requested.


6.Cooling pad system:


When the air goes through the pad, the heat will be taken down by the evaporation of water, so the air will

be cooled before going into your chicken house. Our cooling pads have good corrosion resistance and long

service life, they have great features, good hygroscopicity, fast-dry, surface free of micro pores.

(2).Performance parameters:



Height(with frame):1660mm;1960mm;2160mm

Frame:Galvanized sheet or Aluminium alloy


7.Fogging system:


It's effective tool for reducing temperature, increasing humidity, cleaning your chicken house and disinfecting.

(2).Working principle-atomization cooling:

The water will be purified through the filter, then conveyed into high-pressure nozzle after the pressurization

of high-pressure pump, which produces fog particles. The fog particles mix with ambient hot air to absorb a

large quantity of heat, and be evaporated to accelerate the air flow, thereby achieving the aim of temperature


In summer, when the temperature inside your chicken house is very high, the fogging system can reduce the

indoor temperature by 3-8 degrees centigrate within a few minutes.

8.Heating system:

Proper temperature is critical to chickens, especially day-old chicks, we have different kinds heaters, they

fire coal, diesel, gas or use electricity, 4 kinds for your option.




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