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Chicken Farm Cooling pad System in the Hot Weather

Chicken Farm Cooling pad System in the Hot Weather

Chicken Farm Cooling pad System in the Hot Weather

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The biggest problem for various types of farms is that the hot lead to chicken heatstroke. Many studies indicate that the eggs and meat of legehenne are the best in the 18~23℃. Chickens require very strict for the temperature, and the temperature directly determines the eggs, meats, growth rate and the Chicken farm economic benefits. In many regions of all world, the weather is very hot, which cause chicken farm temperature rise to 35~37℃ or even more higher. At this time the chickens can’t stand heat, so heatstroke death is very common. Seeing chicken deaths, you will be very sad, especially those chickens have a good performance on laying eggs and growth. This requires chick farm owners do a good cooling work in the hot weather. Here is a comprehensive discussion of chicken farm cooling measures, you can consider using one of these method according to your economic conditions, hardware facilities and so on.
chicken farm cooling system

Firstly, The chicken coop need excellent infrastructure
For some conditional chicken farms, particularly large-scale chicken farms, installing Antarctic chicken farm cooling system is the best choice. This great chicken coop cooling system has two parts, including exhaust fans and cooling pads. Which can easily reduce chicken farm temperature, remove dust and peculiar smell.  What’s more, Antarctic chicken cooling equipments are absolute environmental protection and low noise, which not affect the growth of the chickens.

When hot weather coming, you need to comprehensively inspect chicken farm, including whether the chicken farm cooling system is perfect. If the chicken farm cooling system has wet curtain, you need to confirm that if the water pump, filter and blower are working properly. The proof of chicken farm need to use good thermal insulation materials and paint white for maximum reflecting the heat radiation of sun to reduce chicken coop.

Secondly, Doing a good job of chicken farm green to optimize henhouse climate
Planting trees and grass around the chicken farm, such as planting some tall trees, which won’t affect ventilation but can prevent direct sunlight of sun. Lawn can also absorb a large number of heat to avoid sunlight reflections. And practice has proved that a good chicken farm green can reduce chicken house temperature to 3~5℃.

Thirdly, Adjusting the density of chickens
Adjusting the chicken number of one cage in the prior summer, that putting chickens on each cage as little as possible. But you need to remember that sparse group have to be done at night, operating under the condition of dark light won’t affect egg production.

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