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RDER Evaporative Cooling Pad

RDER Evaporative Cooling Pad

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Wet curtain cooling in the animal building negative pressure ventilation cooling Application
Suitable for the animal building offers good climatic conditions for production efficiency is the decisive factor. In tropical and subtropical climatic conditions of the animal husbandry industry has always been suffering from the adverse effects of high temperatures.
Over the years, people have been looking for a hot climate industrialized agricultural production, low power consumption and reliable cooling measures. Practice shows that a "RDER wet curtain fan system," the evaporative cooling facilities are the most effective way to increase productivity.

Usually the temperature at 20 ~ 25 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 75% of the animal husbandry is the best weather conditions. Temperature exceeds 25 ℃, will reduce the egg production performance of meat temperature will also reduce the breeding density. In other words, keeping homes cool the system will be installed to improve production performance.

RDER Evaporative cooling system can reduce the animal body moisture to evaporate, thereby reducing the risk of dehydration, but also will work to improve indoor
For the environment. In the conventional cooling device without the ventilation system, air inlet temperature and the outdoor temperature is the same. However, because the sun's radiation, heat conduction, the heat hires animal itself, higher temperatures will lead to discounted homes than outside temperature of 10 ℃.

RDER Evaporative cooling is a natural phenomenon. For example, when the wind blows across the sea will lead to moisture evaporation, so the air humidity drops.

Animal building in order to artificially reproduce the physical process, you must have a surface allows water vapor, you need to make the surface wet the water supply system, need to let the air through the surface and make the system effective operation of the means of control.


RDER Site you need is the company's "RDER Site" wet curtain cooling system.

RDER Site is the core cooling system allows water evaporation pad. RDER Site pad is bonded corrugated paper made of fibers, as in the raw materials to add a special chemical composition, which has a corrosion-resistant, long life characteristics.

Special hydrophobic wet curtain to ensure that the cooling water evenly wet wet curtain wall to ensure contact with air completely wet the surface of the wet curtain. Installed in the premises of the other side of the exhaust fan to form a negative pressure zone hires, so that homes and outdoor air will be inhaled through the wet curtain discounted.

Moist air through the wet curtain surface causes water to evaporate. Manipulation of the pump control system, and adjust the exhaust fan running Number of units, the power consumption is minimal.

Ching-yao in the hot, the water content of the atmosphere is almost constant, which means that the highest values ​​of humidity in the afternoon, its lowest relative humidity values. The lower relative humidity, the better the effect of evaporative cooling. In other words, that is cool when you need it most, it is also the best cooling effect.

This is your pad from the RDER Site environmental performance characteristics of air-conditioning can get.


RDER Site wet curtain system is run under negative pressure conditions. Wet curtain cooling installed in the animal building's side wall or side wall, and

Exhaust fan is installed in the premises of the other side. Wet curtain cooling fan in the design of the system, we must pay great attention to discounted air velocity. Wind speed is too large, is not conducive to livestock production.


Animal building in the main heat source from the following three aspects:

The QA = animal the body heat

QR = solar radiation

QT interval = thermal conductivity

Livestock body heat generated by the livestock breeding and the number of hires and their body weight on

Heat conduction and solar radiation by the heat generated depends on:

Size of premises

Structural Materials,

Insulation condition

The following calculation is used for poultry house ventilation and the experience of data:


For the closed chicken house, 7 to 9 m 3 / h kg of the live weight

For a non-confined poultry house, at least 15 m 3 / h kg of the live weight

Installation calculation

These examples are illustrative and the chicken house ventilation rate needed to pad area:

Assumptions: the Size of houses: 100 × 14 (m)

Feeding capacity: 22,000

The average the live weight: 1.5 kg

The Wind speed: 1.0 m / s (see Performance curve)


1. Closed sheds

Ventilation rate = 22000 (only) x 1.5 (kg / mouse) × 9.0 (m 3 / kg h)

= 297,000 m 3 / h = 82.5 m 3 / s.


Pad area: 82.5 m 3 / s, / 1.0 m / s = 82.5 m 2


That is at least an area of ​​82.5 square meters to be installed in the wet curtain.

Discounted from the air inlet temperature to the outlet will inevitably be increased, with the wind, the discounted difference in temperature of about 3 ℃.


Non-enclosed chicken house

Ventilation the rate = 22000 × 1.5 × 15.0 = 495 000 (m 3 / hour) = 137.5 (m 3 / s)


Pad area = 137.5 m 3 / s / of 1.0 m / s = 137.5 m, 2

That is at least an area of ​​137.5 square meters to be installed.

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